Manager's Address


Dear Readers,

As Colvin completes 130 years of service it is very gratifying to have a chance to contribute towards the education of children. We view education as the development of the whole child – attention and emphasis is placed not just on the intellectual development but also on the pupil's physical, social and spiritual development.
We aim at making our pupils the people needed to take India and the world forward. For this we are keenly aware that a class leading infrastructure and highly qualified and motivated teachers are as important as the parents of the children.

For the first, a herculean effort was put into the complete makeover of Anjuman Boarding House and the College Library. No expense was spared in making these the best in the city. The boarding house is worthy of a visit as a well maintained historical building in itself. Not only did masonry repairs and painting gave it a facelift but complete electrical wiring and plumbing made the lodging more comfortable. New high capacity water heaters and laundry machines, digital food weighing scales, computerized menu and rations data handling, every aspect has made the working more transparent and systematic.

The Library of the College is now housed in the three rooms, Hindi, English and Urdu. Here too the rooms were redone from the base up and every detail looked into. Brighter and more inviting, the Library boarders a huge lawn with hundreds of rose plants lining its periphery. Scholars prefer to sit on the grass and read or work in the lawns during the winter. A very satisfying sight for such space is at a premium in most schools and colleges today.
Our teachers are the finest and most experienced. We are constantly providing training and motivation for them. Awards and appreciation letters are the ornaments of these individuals who have chosen this profession which is classified as social service by our government. When a new teacher is needed, a thorough examination and demonstration classes are followed by an interview and feedback from the students. Only the best make it past these vigorous tests to join the Colvin family. Residences are also offered on campus for everyone who wishes to stay and make it a home.

We make a special effort to keep the fee of our scholars to the bare minimum and much less than  any other school or college offering the same facilities and quality of education. We are grateful to the support of the parents of our students who never hesitate to come forward to help the college when needed.

With the pace at which Colvin Taluqdars' College is on the rise gives everyone associated with it a sense of euphoria. The managing committee of the College must also be thanked by me as its leader, for their continued and unrelenting cooperation. Without the effort of every individual associated with the College, this progress would not have been so fast paced. A heartfelt congratulations to all the workers and students of the College.

“Noblesse Oblige”.

Kr Manish Vardhan Singh
Manager – Colvin Taluqdars' College, Managing Committee