Boarding Facilities

Financial Management

* Parents must open an account in the name of their ward at the Central Bank of India, situated on the College campus, and deposit money in that account.
* All incidental expenses of the Resident Scholars will be recovered from their account.
* All pocket money will be deposited with the House Warden and any Resident Scholar found with over Rs. 500 on their person will face disciplinary action.
* Any Resident Scholar leaving the College in the middle of the academic year has to pay the boarding fee for the entire year.
* Resident Scholars have to pay all dues to the College before leaving the Boarding House.
* In case of damage to Boarding House property, the defaulter will pay the full cost of the damage along with an additional penalty, which will be imposed on the recommendation of the House Master.
* As and when required, money will be given to the Resident Scholars and they will be expected to account for the same to the House Warden.
* For specialized medical attention, specialists from hospitals have to be consulted and paid. The expenses incurred in such treatments have to be borne by the parents or be deducted from the account of the Resident Scholar.