Boarding Facilities


* Resident Scholars cannot be in their rooms/dormitories during College hours.
* Resident Scholars are not permitted to visit or stay in any other rooms/dormitories but their own after 10:00 p.m.
* Boarding House is out of bounds for the Day Scholars. Resident Scholars are not allowed to call Day Scholars or outsiders to their rooms.
* All Resident Scholars shall be on the College playing fields at the time scheduled for games. Exemptions shall be made for those who are ill. In such cases permission must be obtained from the House Master who shall consult the College Doctor.
* Rooms and dormitories have to be kept neat and clean at all times. Weekly inspections shall be conducted. The Principal inspects the Boarding House regularly.
* Resident Scholars are expected to shave and have regular haircuts. Fancy haircuts and colouring hair is prohibited.
* Resident Scholars must be punctual for all events.
* The use of electrical appliances such as heaters, electric irons etc. are prohibited. If a Resident Scholar is found with such appliances, the items will be confiscated and disciplinary action initiated.
* Gross violation of rules will result in the expulsion of a Resident Scholar from the Boarding House. In case the Principal deems appropriate the Scholar may be expelled from the College as well. Some such grounds for expelling a candidate are mentioned below: (But are not limited to these actions only)
Using foul language, physical violence, indiscipline, violating the instruction of the House Warden, arrogance and disorderly behaviour, teasing, continuous unauthorized absence and non-payment of College dues, ragging or hazing, reading or viewing of obscene material, smoking, drinking or using intoxicating drugs.
* Resident Scholars are expected to use the study time profitably and strict silence has to be maintained in the study hall.
* Under no circumstances will meals be served in the rooms or dormitories.
* Resident Scholars are to report to the dining hall punctually and in proper dress. All meals are served after a short prayer.
* Only visitors authorised by parents are allowed to meet the Resident Scholar.
* In case of an emergency, parents must contact the House Warden.
* Boarders may use only simple mobile phones within the Boarding House compound. No multimedia enabled devices are allowed.
* Medical leave will be granted only by the Principal on the advice of the College Doctor or on receiving an application from the parents, duly endorsed by a competent medical authority and supported by prescriptions and medical bills.
* Sandals are not allowed. Rubber slippers may be worn in the rooms/dormitories only.
* The Resident Scholars must not have costly personal items on them or in the Boarding House.