Boarding Facilities

General Information

* The Boarding House is like life within an extended family for the Resident Scholars where the House Warden ensures their overall development.
* Life in a Boarding House is a plethora of new experiences. Scholars make new friends and gain confidence to become mature citizens of the world.
* Care is taken in the Boarding House for the growth and development of a Scholar, as he would have been cared for in his home, within a certain framework of discipline, rules of conduct and behaviour.
* Resident Scholars are allotted rooms/dormitories according to their age and class.
* Facilities for sports and games are available to the Resident Scholars.
* Recreational facilities like indoor games, television viewing and newspapers are also provided.
* Continuation as Resident Scholars is based on the academic performance, behaviour and turnout of the Scholar.
* In case of illness, Resident Scholars are admitted to the 16 bed College Infirmary. All cases of sickness are to be reported to the College Infirmary. Resident Scholars who are unwell are looked after by trained medical staff. The Senior Medical Officer of Balrampur Hospital, Lucknow, visits the College Infirmary regularly. He is also available on call in case of an emergency.
* If a Resident Scholar is receiving medication, the Principal/Warden must be informed.
* New Resident Scholars are to furnish a Medical Fitness Certificate.
* Summer and winter time table for Resident Scholars has specified time for all activities. This schedule must be followed minutely.
* Wholesome, hygienic, nutritious vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian meals are served as per the dietary preferences of the boarders. All Resident Scholars eat together under the supervision of the Boarding House staff.
* The catering is under the direct control of the College.
* Birthdays falling during a month are celebrated together on one day that month, with a special menu and a cake for all Resident Scholars.
* Resident Scholars must bring clothing and other essential items as per the list provided by the College.
* All articles owned must be marked clearly with the Resident Scholar’s name with indelible ink.
* Though every care will be taken to prevent loss of clothing and personal items, the College does not accept responsibility in this regard.
* A torch with batteries, extra bed-sheets, ear-plugs, swimming goggles, table tennis bats and badminton rackets may be brought by the Resident Scholars in addition to the list of stipulated articles.