Withdrawals, refunds and rules

A Scholar who leaves the College in mid academic session, will be required to pay his College (and Boarding) fee, till the end of the academic session. All annual charges will have to be paid in full.
A Transfer Certificate will not be issued until all outstanding dues have been cleared.

No fee (Tuition or Boarding) shall be refunded.
Caution money paid to the College and Boarding House is refundable, if requested, within 3 months of the student leaving the college. In case of a mid-term withdrawal, the caution money is refunded one month after the student applies for a refund.
Applications for refund should be made on the proper form, available at the College Office. A ‘No-Dues’ certificate from various departments should be attached with the application.
The receipt of the caution money must be enclosed with the application for refund, without which requests for a refund will not be entertained.

Students are expected to attend their classes regularly. Students who come late will not be allowed to attend College that day.
* No leave of absence will be granted during the term, except under very special circumstances. The     Principal's prior permission for leave of absence from College is essential.
* All leave applications should be addressed to the Class Teacher, except for leave beyond 4 days. Such applications should be addressed to the Principal and permission obtained. The leave application of Resident Scholars is to be submitted to the House Masters.
* A certificate from the College Doctor or a registered medical practitioner must support requests for leave on medical grounds.
* Absentees on re-joining College must produce a letter from their parents or guardians explaining the cause of absence supported by a medical certificate in case of illness.
* If an appointment is made with a doctor, the student must not be sent to College on that day.
* If a Scholar is absent for 10 days, without prior permission, the Scholar’s name will be struck off the rolls.
* Re-admission is at the discretion of the Principal.
* A re-admission fee of Rs.2500 must be paid in case re-admission is approved.

The following are some (not all) acts which will be interpreted as gross misconduct and will result in a Scholar’s dismissal from the College:
* Truancy either from assembly or from class.
* Habitual late coming.
* Being incorrectly dressed.
* Inadequate attendance.
* Indifference towards studies.
* Rudeness or insubordination towards the College authorities.
* Failure to participate in the co-curricular activities of the College.
* Driving a motorized vehicle on the College campus.
* Meeting friends who are outsiders or even ex-students on the College campus.
* Smoking or chewing of addictive substances.
* Drinking.
* Stealing.
* Spitting or writing on the walls.
* Acts of violence or abuse.
* Reading or purveying of obscene material.
* Vandalism or wilful destruction of College property.
* Bringing or using mobile telephones to the Class.